DME (China) Dongguan Machinery Exhibition, Sudong Technology unveiled its smart electric screwdriver

2019-11-14 11:00:00 0

  On November 14, 2019 DME (China) Dongguan Machinery Exhibition was grandly opened at Dongguan Houjie Modern International Exhibition Center. 7 major themed exhibition areas with a scale of 100,000+ square meters, attracting many internationally renowned brands from more than 10 countries and regions including Germany, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, the United States, France, Spain, Israel, etc., and 100,000+ domestic and foreign professional Visitors and buyers come to visit and purchase. This is an offline event belonging to the manufacturing industry. This is a feast of manufacturing carnival.


At this exhibition, Sudong Technology, a local intelligent tightening supplier from Dongguan, participated in the exhibition as scheduled, bringing a series of electric screwdrivers and supporting products to Hall 4 4B43 in a high-profile manner. It gained a strong popularity on the first day of the exhibition, and the booth was bustling with people. The endless electric screwdriver with a complete range of intelligence and convenience has attracted many high-quality dealers and visitors to visit and negotiate.

The electric screwdriver and ancillary products brought by Sudong Technology this time, from performance configuration, technical indicators to appearance, are upgraded on the basis of the original products, with nearly ten years of technical precipitation and professional experience, adhering to the product concept of pursuing innovation Now, every electric screwdriver of Sudong Technology is more durable and reliable.


For example, the industrial-grade brushless electric screwdriver launched by Sudong Technology has a high-intelligence counting system, anti-error status prompt, stepless torque adjustment, non-contact induction switch, detachable power cable, and three-stage positive and negative switch , Aviation-grade brushless motor, automatic tightening and shutdown, infrared smart fixture, constant adjustable speed torque and other ten advantages, escort customers for efficient and stable production.

Another example is the quick-action technology variable-speed hand-operated electric screwdriver, which also has eight advantages, including high-precision repetitive torque, constant adjustable speed torque, aviation-grade brushless motor, automatic tightening and shutdown, stepless torque adjustment, and no touch Point sensor switch, detachable power cable, lightweight mini design, etc.


In addition, Sudong Technology also launched high-quality and cost-effective product lines for electric screwdriver supporting equipment, such as torque testers, which have visual angle testing, long-life built-in lithium batteries, high-precision torque testing, real-time speed testing, etc. Features: The brushless servo electric screwdriver controller has many practical functional configurations such as error warning, communication connection, and fast programming, making customers worry-free in production.

On the first day of the exhibition, many visitors to and from the booth of Sudong Technology showed great interest in their electric screwdrivers. They stopped, watched and inquired, tried it out, and the staff of Sudong Technology patiently received everyone who came to inquire. Visitors, introduce products to them and serve them with heart. In the process, Sudong Technology's brand image, product strength and high-quality service have also been unanimously recognized by everyone, and even some customers have reached an intentional purchase agreement with Sudong Technology on the spot, which shows its popularity.


It is understood that Sudong Technology was formally founded in 2010, attaches great importance to technological innovation, has a number of independent intellectual property rights, and knows that every small part is precisely occluded to ensure accurate operation without any difference. According to the person in charge of Sudong Technology Speaking, “To be the best fastening product in the world”, Sudong Technology has always fulfilled this promise with good products, adhering to the corporate philosophy of creating products with ingenuity, and ensuring that every electric screwdriver product meets high standards. The reputation of customers has led to the sales of Sudong Technology products in all major regions of the country. For this reason, Sudong Technology has established a nationwide sales and service network to provide consumers with continuous and stable service guarantee.

During the exhibition, in addition to all kinds of dazzling new products, a number of professional forums will be held at the same time to keep up with industry hot topics and trends, and inviting authoritative figures in the industry to give on-site speeches and explanations will also become a highlight of the DME scene. . The 2019 DME (China) Dongguan Machinery Exhibition is still in full swing. If you want to see the excitement of fast-moving technology, please visit 4B43 in Hall 4, it is a worthwhile trip!